Monday, 4 May 2015

Karma - Another Version

"Bin Laden & Adolf Hitler killed thousands, but were their gruesome deaths really a result of these horrific murders and violent deeds?You might rethink."

There are no two ways about the fact that majority of the corrupt influential class, the criminals, the unethical corporates are way more successful than the honest fragment of the population. A very small constituent of the corrupt is brought to book. Infamous for the freedom granted to lawbreakers, India is the most suited example where Karma by its current definition seems to be non-existent and false. It makes you ponder whether we get punished for our sins and if Karma is for real.

It probably depends on you. Osama and Hitler lived a luxurious life with utmost power and influence. For them those horrifying crimes were justified. They did what they believed in and probably earned Good Karma from the mass murders. The corrupted brass of our system feels that they have the right to goonism, to assume complete autonomy, to stash away illicit wealth and carry out all kinds of illegal activities. 

It is probably when you're fully aware of the consequences and still commit a wrongdoing is when Bad Karma steps in. Osama beating his own kid and repenting it afterwards might make him lose some Karma points while his terrorizing activities might not.

It might seem unfair and discriminatory but may not be incorrect. Every thought comes from some experience and your decision to rationalize upon this one might be relevant to you and your fate