Sunday, 5 July 2015

A Sudden Leave

I don't know what is coming
And it is coming so fast
That there is no time to look back
Just like there was no time to decide
I wish I had a little time
To be around for a while
But it is too late 
Cause I already left
Sadly without a goodbye
It is an unusual decision
Probably both stupid and bold
But I'm proud of realizing my dream
Of being independent and free
As I take this uncommon journey
To find me.
I am sorry for this sudden parting
I am sorry for being unjust
I promise to never forget the people I know
And how much I'm loved
Even though I am gone
I promise I won't be long
We'll meet again soon

Friday, 3 July 2015

Nepal Quake! Where were you?

Where Were You? #NepalEarthquake

It is said that everyone remembers where they were when a tragedy strikes. I remember I was 11 years old when the Mumbai terror attack happened in 2008. I have a vague memory of my parents worriedly phoning my cousins to check if they were safe. And an uneasy atmosphere at my house with everyone glued to the television news for the whole day. I was too young to understand back then but it was pretty disturbing.

It seems to be true for earthquakes as well. I'm sure most of us remember where we were when the last major earthquake struck. I was 5 when the Gujarat quake happened. I couldn't pay heed to my father's scream to run because some person named "Bhukamp" had come, of which I had no idea about and was later lectured for not listening to him.

The Nepal earthquake, was fortunately not damaging in Chandigarh area, although we did experience some aftershocks. The funny part is that I seem to be a part of the few people who didn't experience even a single tremor and hence I have only a vague clue of where I might be at the time.

Therefore coming back to the matter, everyone remembers where he or she was when a tragedy like an earthquake strikes no matter what. I'm sure that any social survey would prove me right. The bizarre part is that more intense and damaging the disaster, more clear is our memory of it.

The Nepal earthquake was in no way different. It was my Facebook feed that told me that I had already gone through four earthquakes while most of my friends have a very vivid recollection of it. The visuals of the catastrophe on news channels were so horrifying that I still feel shaken by them.

So where were you during the quake? I'm sure you'd have a clear memory of it.


Sunday, 14 June 2015

How to decide ?

When you're too lazy to study for your board examinations, it is inescapable to be idle after them. How do you know what to do? How do you know where to go? How do you know where and how to apply ? Should you go abroad or study at domestic colleges? Should you consider reappearing for them ?  It is too much for a lethargic person who could've rather studied for his boards.

Not everyone is capable of handling such situations. Some are just over-ambitious and too adamant. Even with a below par score, they are unmoving about the fact that they're not good enough for a top college and go to any extent to get an admission in them.

Admission counselors are your first ray of hope who promise to provide some relief to this crisis. However, little do you know that you're just spending way too much on some obvious advice and getting more confused with worthless over information. Is it worth burdening yourself too much and wasting the time you can conveniently spend lazing around ?

Family and friends, especially the ones who've scored better go on to console you despite your interpretation of the result. They go on to exaggerate so much that it just juices out any element of realism. Why can't they understand that you're content and they're comforting is absolutely unnecessary?

Decision-making is clearly a tough task post exams, especially in India when the relatives are suddenly more concerned and interested. Doesn't matter how you scored, the so called well wishers make all the efforts to confuse and degrade you. Even though you know about their intentions, you tend to get influenced by their sweet-coated bad advice. 
Is there an option left ?

It is quite rightly said that YOU HAVE TO DECIDE without considering any opinions because it is your life. But isn't it just easier said than done ?

Monday, 4 May 2015

Karma - Another Version

"Bin Laden & Adolf Hitler killed thousands, but were their gruesome deaths really a result of these horrific murders and violent deeds?You might rethink."

There are no two ways about the fact that majority of the corrupt influential class, the criminals, the unethical corporates are way more successful than the honest fragment of the population. A very small constituent of the corrupt is brought to book. Infamous for the freedom granted to lawbreakers, India is the most suited example where Karma by its current definition seems to be non-existent and false. It makes you ponder whether we get punished for our sins and if Karma is for real.

It probably depends on you. Osama and Hitler lived a luxurious life with utmost power and influence. For them those horrifying crimes were justified. They did what they believed in and probably earned Good Karma from the mass murders. The corrupted brass of our system feels that they have the right to goonism, to assume complete autonomy, to stash away illicit wealth and carry out all kinds of illegal activities. 

It is probably when you're fully aware of the consequences and still commit a wrongdoing is when Bad Karma steps in. Osama beating his own kid and repenting it afterwards might make him lose some Karma points while his terrorizing activities might not.

It might seem unfair and discriminatory but may not be incorrect. Every thought comes from some experience and your decision to rationalize upon this one might be relevant to you and your fate

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Hey, my name is Question Mark

God is a myth.
It isn't?
Then, God sucks.

You're a hard-hearted atheist. You're unique just that way. Normalcy exists till the extent of a superbly indifferent family, an over-loving companion and the best of friends. But this normalisation strays away when it comes to your over-loving but irritated, scared but strong, weird but  adorable, fat but admirable friend.    She's "healthy" but she's dying. Your indifferent family doesn't know and the best of friends have their own issues. Where do you go? 

They say you start imagining things when you're mentally unwell. They also say that when you have nowhere to go, pray to an imaginary figure named God. So either praying is a sign of mental illness or they're confusing you. 

Will you pray?
Oh God, you suck