Sunday, 14 June 2015

How to decide ?

When you're too lazy to study for your board examinations, it is inescapable to be idle after them. How do you know what to do? How do you know where to go? How do you know where and how to apply ? Should you go abroad or study at domestic colleges? Should you consider reappearing for them ?  It is too much for a lethargic person who could've rather studied for his boards.

Not everyone is capable of handling such situations. Some are just over-ambitious and too adamant. Even with a below par score, they are unmoving about the fact that they're not good enough for a top college and go to any extent to get an admission in them.

Admission counselors are your first ray of hope who promise to provide some relief to this crisis. However, little do you know that you're just spending way too much on some obvious advice and getting more confused with worthless over information. Is it worth burdening yourself too much and wasting the time you can conveniently spend lazing around ?

Family and friends, especially the ones who've scored better go on to console you despite your interpretation of the result. They go on to exaggerate so much that it just juices out any element of realism. Why can't they understand that you're content and they're comforting is absolutely unnecessary?

Decision-making is clearly a tough task post exams, especially in India when the relatives are suddenly more concerned and interested. Doesn't matter how you scored, the so called well wishers make all the efforts to confuse and degrade you. Even though you know about their intentions, you tend to get influenced by their sweet-coated bad advice. 
Is there an option left ?

It is quite rightly said that YOU HAVE TO DECIDE without considering any opinions because it is your life. But isn't it just easier said than done ?

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