Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Hey, my name is Question Mark

God is a myth.
It isn't?
Then, God sucks.

You're a hard-hearted atheist. You're unique just that way. Normalcy exists till the extent of a superbly indifferent family, an over-loving companion and the best of friends. But this normalisation strays away when it comes to your over-loving but irritated, scared but strong, weird but  adorable, fat but admirable friend.    She's "healthy" but she's dying. Your indifferent family doesn't know and the best of friends have their own issues. Where do you go? 

They say you start imagining things when you're mentally unwell. They also say that when you have nowhere to go, pray to an imaginary figure named God. So either praying is a sign of mental illness or they're confusing you. 

Will you pray?
Oh God, you suck

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